JSH Hydraulic Joystick Stocking Program

Tired of dealing with upset customers because lead times on hydraulic joysticks are six to twelve months out? At QP Hydraulics we not only heard the demand to provide hydraulic joysticks faster, but we have responded by creating our hydraulic joystick stocking program. Now you can have the confidence of world-class quality coupled with industry-leading lead times.


It’s simple. Email us at sales@qphydraulics.com or click the button below and provide us with your name, company information, part#, and quantity requested and one of our sales associates will get back to you within 24 hours.


Part# Nomenclature Min. Qty Max. Qty Ship Time (ARO)* Drawings
22-04666 JSH-4NSGS-Q31-S3A 1 10 3 ~ 5 days Download
22-04665 JSH-4NSGS-Q21-S3A 1 10 3 ~ 5 days Download
22-04663 JSH-4NSGS-N00-S3A 1 10 3 ~ 5 days Download
22-04697 SLH+1-4NSGSS-B00-S3A 1 10 3 ~ 5 days Download
22-04707 SLH+1-4NSGSS-D00-S3A 1 10 3 ~ 5 days Download
22-04708 SLH+1-4NSGSS-N00-S3A 1 10 3 ~ 5 days Download
22-04713 FP8-12NS-SG-S 1 10 3 ~ 5 days Download
22-04715 FP8-12NS-NG-S 1 10 3 ~ 5 days Download
22-04712 FP8-24NS-SG-S 1 10 3 ~ 5 days Download
22-04714 FP8-24NS-NG-S 1 10 3 ~ 5 days Download

*Ship times are subject to change to reflect current economic conditions. Please contact QP Hydraulics to verify current inventory levels.

Don’t see what you need or need a minor customization to your joystick?

Contact us to discuss our make-to-order “MTO” program.  All the service and quality you have come to expect from QP Hydraulics coupled with the flexibility to “tune” your product to your system requirements.


Available Product Groups: JSH Joysticks  / SLH Joysticks  /  FP8 Foot Pedals
Order Quantity: 5 pcs (min) / 10 pcs (max)
Ship Time: 3 ~ 5 weeks ARO/drawing approval (if required)**
Available Options: Forewarning bumpers, mechanical detent, electro-mechanical detent
Boot Options: Round, square
Handle / Pedal Type: Q, P, G, H, B, C, D / N, S***
Curve Types: Standard, jump to pressure
Control Curves: Consult factory
Stroke Start: Aggressive, non-aggressive

**Ship times are subject to change based on the design options selected.
***Not all button locations or arrangements will be available through this program. Please contact QP Hydraulics for additional information.

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