Custom Engineered Solutions

  • Are you experiencing hydraulic control needs that continue to be an ongoing challenge?
  • Did Tier-4 implementation cause unintended instability in your hydraulic system?
  • Do machine operators find your machine’s controls touchy and difficult to control?
  • Are hydraulic shock and pressure spikes reducing the life of your equipment?
  • Are you having difficulties with creating a close partnership with a supplier who understands your system requirements?

At QP Hydraulics we have the engineering expertise to provide innovative and unique solutions to many systemic issues that come up in real-world applications. Whether it’s providing the highest quality, most cost-effective products at industry-leading lead times, we are the supplier that you have been looking for.

We Deliver the Expertise You Can Trust

Custom-Engineered Precision Flow & Pressure Control Solutions

It’s Easy to Get Started

Provide us with some basic information about your application and set up a discovery call.

Our experts will listen to you, develop a custom solution and quickly build a prototype.

Integrate our best-in-class control solutions to increase the quality and value of your machinery.