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The Precision Control that goes into the design and manufacturing of QP Hydraulics products and custom engineered solutions make them perfect for the Precision Control required in today’s mobile hydraulic equipment.

  • Cranes
  • Excavators
  • Wheel Loaders
  • Dozers
  • Light construction

Our engineers can help with hydraulic solutions for:

  • Pilot pressure systems
  • Implement systems
  • Transmission systems
  • Pump control systems
  • Backpressure & Instability issues
  • Filter & Cooler Bypass
  • System shock and pressure spike

Customized for Special Applications

QP Hydraulics offers specialized products and solutions for a wide range of applications.

PVJS446  Low-effort and low-leakage, perfect for crane control

PVJS-EX  Precision, stability and low-effort for hydraulic excavators

PVJS-WL  Detents and bumpers for wheel loaders

PVJSC  Compact design for compact equipment

PVFP  Foot pedal controls

PVSL26  2-axis control

PVJS45  Basic economical design

CV  Low-mass check valves to provide low-shock stability

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