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Frequently Asked Questions2022-09-19T10:51:02-05:00

For Engineers:

What pressure curves are available for your JSH/JSC joysticks?2022-09-22T13:59:16-05:00

We offer standard curve kits and custom ones tailored to your application. Simply contact us with your requirements, and we can advise you.

Can you provide 3D drawings for my products?2022-09-20T06:48:22-05:00

We can provide PDF, CAD drawings along with 3D images in a variety of formats. Please contact us with your specific request.

What is the right check valve to use for my application?2022-09-20T06:47:54-05:00

This is best determined by better understanding your application. Pressures, flows, and fluid types will all be key (but not the only) factors in the decision process.

What is the best way to send technical information to QP Hydraulics?2022-09-20T06:47:07-05:00

Sending an e-mail to would be the preferred method, but you can also use the contact us form through the website.

Do you test your products?2022-09-08T14:36:43-05:00

We test 100% of our products prior to shipping. Test reports or application specific testing can be requested but may be subject to additional fees.

Why are you named QP, and why the change from QP Hydraulics?2022-09-30T10:44:24-05:00

“Q” is the universal reference for flow (ΔQ) and “P” is the universal reference for pressure (ΔP). Since our products primarily dealt with controlling flow and pressure it was an obvious choice to name the company QP Hydraulics. With our expansion into the electronic joystick market we have recently rebranded our name and logo to QP to represent our commitment to producing the highest quality components serving both the hydraulic and electronic markets.

For Purchasing Managers:

What type of purchasing programs can you support?2022-09-08T14:37:23-05:00

We are set up to assist with NPI, PPAP, Kanban, or JIT purchasing/stocking programs. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Can QP hydraulics ship internationally?2022-09-08T14:37:41-05:00

Yes, we can ship to most countries and supply the required documentation. Additional shipping & processing fees may be applicable.

What is your order minimum?2022-09-20T06:46:15-05:00

We have a $500.00 net order minimum.

What are your warranty terms?2022-09-08T14:38:22-05:00

We warranty our products against material defects and workmanship for 12 months after installation / 18 months from original ship date. All warranty requests must be submitted in writing prior to any consideration.

When can I expect my product to ship?2022-09-20T06:45:49-05:00

We have a large volume of standard inventory that can ship within 5 days from order placement. Expedited shipping can be requested for an additional charge. All custom product deliveries will be subject to material availability, engineering specifications, and current production queues.

*Due to current conditions, lead times may be subject to change based on current material availability. Please consult with the factory for the most up-to-date delivery times.

For Distributors:

How do I become a distributor?2022-09-08T14:39:47-05:00

Contact us at to inquire about distribution opportunities.

How do I schedule technical / sales training?2022-09-08T14:40:05-05:00

Contact your local sales engineer at to schedule a training time and location.

Do you offer tours of your production facility?2022-09-08T14:40:31-05:00

Yes, we welcome our distributors to tour our facilities. Send us an e-mail at to coordinate your visit.

Are samples available to bring to my customer?2022-09-20T06:44:07-05:00

We have samples for most of our products to be used for sales meetings. Contact us for more information.

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