Low-Mass Check Valves

Our innovative line of low-mass check valves provides low-shock solutions for a variety of system instability challenges. Our CV-D (disc type) and CV-P (poppet type) can be configured to solve many “traditional” system issues.


  • Solve system instability problems
  • Low-mass = low-shock
  • Solve system “noise” problems
  • Both high- and low-pressure solutions
  • Standard fittings and connections
  • Highly customizable
Max Operating Pressure: 6000 PSI (414 BAR)*
Max Flow: Consult factory
Cracking Pressure: 1,5,15,43,65,90 PSI (STD)
Leakage: 1cc/min @ 2500 PSI
Temperature: -40 ~ 200°F (Buna seals)
Fluid Type: Mineral Oil ISO, HM & HV (10W recommended)

*Please review pressure chart for max pressures by type/size

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CV with Orifice

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CVDS Insertable Check Valve Assembly

CVPI Inline Poppet Check Assembly

CVPM Manifold Check Valve Assembly

CVPX Custom Poppet Check Valve Assembly

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