JSE Electronic Joysticks

The operator feel of a hydraulic joystick, with the digital integration of an electronic – JSE is the best of both worlds.

JSH Hydraulic Joysticks

Built on proprietary Step Bore Technology, JSH joysticks provide precise control and reduce operator fatigue.

JSC Hydraulic Joysticks

JSC joysticks provide the responsiveness and control of a standard hydraulic joystick in a smaller, more compact size.

SLH Hydraulic Joysticks

The SLH is a stackable single axis joystick, offering all the advantages of our JSH. Up to 10 bank systems are available to design. Highly customizable.

SLT Hydraulic Joysticks

The SLT is a thin (22mm) single lever version of our JSH hydraulic joystick, offering all the advantages of our Step Bore technology. Available in a single station only.

Foot Pedals

Check Valves

FP8 Foot Pedals

Highly configurable and precise, our hydraulic foot pedal controls offer the same benefits as our joysticks.

CV Series

Our innovative line of low-mass check valves provide low-shock solutions to solve a variety of system instability challenges.

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Need a unique design for a difficult application? Our engineers have decades of experience providing custom solutions to our partners. From custom pilot valve applications to highly engineered products, we can be the value-added partner you have been searching for.

Custom-Engineered Precision Flow & Pressure Control Solutions

It’s Easy to Get Started

Provide us with some basic information about your application and set up a discovery call.

Our experts will listen to you, develop a custom solution and quickly build a prototype.

Integrate our best-in-class control solutions to increase the quality and value of your machinery.