1. Supply Chain Disruptions
    Lead times for Eagle’s customer’s hydraulic kits were not meeting expectations and triggering costly disruptions in their supply chain.
  2. Spend Reduction
    Like many OEMs, Eagle’s customer is always looking for ways to reduce spend. Eagle was open to alternative suppliers and solutions that offered better pricing or added value.


Eagle initiated a thorough supplier evaluation process to identify a more reliable supplier. QP was one of the suppliers selected to offer a solution based on performance, industry experience, and customer reviews. QP met Eagle’s requirements:

  1. Quality Standards
    QP offered to modify an in-house hydraulic kit to meet specifications. With the help of their engineering team, QP was able to quickly build a prototype for testing to ensure this solution was the correct one. After testing the prototype, Eagle found QP’s solution to perform better.
  2. Supply Reliability
    The prototype also proved to be compatible with Eagle’s production processes to ensure a reliable supply chain experience. QP’s expertise and product selection allowed for fast delivery, as QP was able to adapt a current product to meet Eagle’s requirements.
  3. Pricing
    QP’s hydraulic kit was not only a better quality solution and gave Eagle confidence in their supply chain, but also saved them money.


QP supplied a moderately customized product, exceeding Eagle’s and their customer’s expectations. QP’s hydraulic kit solution has led to a reduction in lead time and consistent performance for Eagle. Eagle not only found a new vendor for hydraulic kits, they found a new partner to help them manage their supply chain and better serve their customers.

“From the first moment we contacted QP they were quick to respond, attentive to our needs and provided a quality modified component quickly and at a cost savings to our Customer. They have been a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process. We look forward to future successes with our new valued supplier!”
– Charles Hummel, Sales Manager, Eagle Fluid Power



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