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When electronic joysticks came along, they offered a lot of advantages: programmable response curves, CANBUS connectivity, and no oil leaks in the cab, to name a few. But a move to electronic joysticks isn’t without its negatives: the high price, the loss of the familiar feel of a fully hydraulic joystick that operators know and love, and the loss of flexibility.

At least, that’s the way it used to be. But QP Hydraulics doesn’t live within the limits of “the way it used to be.” Introducing the JSE electronic joystick—the first electronic joystick that gives you back the familiar feel and flexibility of hydraulics (at a price point you’ll love).

Standard Features:

  • Calibrated to your system
  • Force Sensing is not sensitive to radio frequency like Hall effect
  • The feel of a hydraulic joystick
  • Hardened electronics with digital or analog output signal


  • On/off Hold coil detent near full stroke for wheel loaders and dozers
  • Exclusive Hi/Lo Bumper for more feel AND more latching force

Coming Soon:

  • Auto calibrates for pilot control accuracy
  • Programmable feel feedback at any angle
  • Programmable Hold at any angle
  • Custom configurations

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