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Our direct acting high-flow proportional valves have 5 to 10 times the flow compared to conventional valves with similarly sized coils.  We use Step-Bore Technology and years of experience to attain this size and power advantage.

With this power advantage, we can replace sluggish two-stage valves with responsive high-flow direct-acting valves.  Advanced internal dampening, as well as proprietary machining processes developed by Prince Industries, ensure a highly-responsive and stable electro-hydraulic system, with low hysteresis and precision control.

Applications include pump controls, transmission control and various pressure control systems.

Contact QP Hydraulic engineers to discuss how we can improve the efficiency and response of the hydraulic system on your OEM mobile equipment.

Step-Bore Technology™

With fifty years of experience, Prince Industries developed proprietary processes to manufacture dual-diameter spools and sleeves that work without sticking.  QP Hydraulics engineers have used these processes and years of experience to develop Step Bore Technology, allowing us to design valves with high-flow and high response, but requiring significantly less power and effort, all while maintaining precision control.

For remote hydraulic pilot control valves, this means precision and response with half the operator effort.

For proportional cartridge valves, this means faster valves with higher flow, using smaller coils, reducing size and power consumption.

For hydraulic equipment OEMs, this means more comfortable, precise and stable machine control, with increased efficiency and higher value. 

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