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We’re used to it now. And we get it—it doesn’t look like an ordinary check valve. We guess that’s because…it isn’t an ordinary check valve.

When we designed the CV-D check valve, we started with a clean slate and asked ourselves, how can we provide the basic functionality hydraulic engineers need, but at a lower price point? And wouldn’t it be great if we could also include a low pressure drop, and the flexibility to install it basically anywhere in the system? Yeah, that would be awesome.

So, Mr. Hydraulic Engineer, the only question is—what creative ways will you come up with to improve the efficiency of your next system design by using the CV-D check valve?


  • Insertable within a hose or cavity—no fitting required (-12, -16, -20, and -32 sizes)
  • Also available in standard configurations (SAE, ISO) within a fitting (-12 to -32 sizes)
  • Standard cracking pressures (1, 5, and 65 psi), as well as custom settings


  • Reduces system cost and complexity
  • Full pressure capability (6,000 psi back pressure rating)
  • Virtually leak-free
  • Lowest pressure drop in a check valve
  • Low mass response without instability or second order spikes

US Patent #: 9,488,290

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