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  • Is there a hydraulic control need that has been an ongoing challenge?
  • Did Tier-4 implementation create unintended instability in your hydraulic system?  
  • Do equipment operators find your machine’s control uncomfortable and touchy? 
  • Are hydraulic shock and pressure spikes reducing the life of your equipment?

We can help you increase the value of your mobile equipment, often while reducing costs, not with cheap components, but by providing more economical overall solutions.  These solutions include:

  • Precision Control of motion, pressure and flow
  • Step-bore technology provides low-effort and low-power solutions
  • Modular design for quick, customized solutions
  • Experience in providing world-class quality to international OEMs
  • Increased machine efficiency
  • Increased system stability
  • Innovative hydraulic circuit solutions

We look forward to working with you to improve the hydraulic system on your OEM mobile equipment.

Step-Bore Technology™

With fifty years of experience, Prince Industries developed proprietary processes to manufacture dual-diameter spools and sleeves that work without sticking.  QP Hydraulics engineers have used these processes and years of experience to develop Step Bore Technology, allowing us to design valves with high-flow and high response, but requiring significantly less power and effort, all while maintaining precision control.

For remote hydraulic pilot control valves, this means precision and response with half the operator effort.

For proportional cartridge valves, this means faster valves with higher flow, using smaller coils, reducing size and power consumption.

For hydraulic equipment OEMs, this means more comfortable, precise and stable machine control, with increased efficiency and higher value. 

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