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The QP Hydraulics PVJSC valve is 60% lighter and 40% shorter than pilot control valves with comparable flow, providing a compact and energy-efficient solution for smaller vehicles where space and weight are at a premium.  This includes cranes, mini-excavators, skid steers, small loaders, tele-handlers, and trenchers.

Though compact, the PVJSC includes a full range of options, including detent coils and bumpers, choice of boot and handle, and a wide assortment of pressure control profiles.  QP Hydraulics engineers will quickly customize for your requirements.

Space & Weight Saver

Around the world, mobile equipment OEMs require economical solutions.  For many equipment applications, space and weight = cost.  The PVJSC Compact Pilot Valve Joystick provides full pilot flow and pressure at a fraction of the size and weight of comparable valves.

Max. input pressure35 bar
Nominal cont. flow13 lpm
Weight (less handle)0.7 kg

Contact us to discuss how QP Hydraulics can provide value to your mobile equipment need.

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